Camellia Oil Skin Care Oil
Camellia Oil Skin Care Oil
Camellia Oil Skin Care Oil

Size: 1floz(30ml)  

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Skin Care

Oshimatsubaki Seisei 

Oil Skin Care Oil

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Pure extract from the flowering Camellia that grows throughout Japan. High in oleic acid, it delivers natural antioxidants and moisture to open pores
- Japanese Camellia oil is one of nature's densest plant sources of oleic and linoleic acid, Vitamins E and D to nourish and moisturize skin.
- TrueRenu has chosen this product for its purity, concentration of ingredient, simple packaging and excellent value.
- Use under makeup or alone, for daytime or overnight care.
- Complements other TrueRenu products including Seisei Camellia Skin Care Soap and a lighter textured Skin Care Lotion. You may also want to try our Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner, or Asience Shampoo and Conditioner - all with camellia oil.
- Japanese package with translated ingredients and instructions. In-stock orders on their way to you quickly, with our money back
The camellia (or Tsubaki) grows throughout Japan, and the beautiful flower is celebrated annually with festivals that last for months. The extracted oil is higher in oleic acid than any other plant oil, making it extremely well absorbed by our skin and an excellent carrier for other nutrients. This lovely Japanese product is 100% refined Japanese camellia oil. The 30ml bottle is about the size of a large nail polish, and features a squeeze dropper top to make dosing easy and waste-proof.
TrueRenu has searched, and researched, many products to find the hardest-working ingredients. This is pure, natural, antioxidant moisture... perfect as a base layer and ideal for men too.
Note, the liquid is clear. The consistency is similar to canola or vegetable oil. Because it is pure and undiluted, it will feel like an oil. But because of its compatible properties, your skin will absorb it.

Direction to Use:

  1. For daytime use, we recommend exfoliating with a nutritious cleanser. Blend a drop or two of Japanese Camellia Oil with a few drops of warm water in your hand and apply to entire face and neck. Makeup can be applied, or not.
  2. For nighttime use, cleanse face and apply undiluted. Another method is to mix the oil with a moisturizer, whitening lotion, or cream and apply. The inclusion of camellia oil will enhance your skin's absorption of all the nutrients applied.


 100% Refined Japanese Camellia Oil - preservative free.

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